Urban Health Design Architecture Studio

Pilot Project at Roskilde Music Festival (RMF) “Circular Lab”

This Summer, we will be participating in RMF’s Circular Lab to pilot a recreational space which will be tested by 130,000 temporary residents. Each year, this tent settlement becomes the fourth largest city in Denmark.

Rapid urbanization and climate change demand that cities rethink how to approach existing urban typologies.

Hangin is an initiative that responds to the need for more high-quality public space.

Our urban interventions provide solutions to mental health (city fatigue, loneliness, and stress) and physical health (cardiovascular, strength, and aerobic fitness) and wellbeing.

Urban Solutions

1. Outdoor Exercise
2. Places to Rest
3. Points of Gathering  
4. Greening and Rehabitat
5. Heat Mitigation
6. Street Noise Reduction

Community participants are the experts at understanding their own local needs.

Our participatory strategy is designed to identify the most impactful solutions through dialogues and working tables.

Long-term social responsibility is heightened by integrating the residents with the development of their neighborhood, park, school, shelter, camp, jail, hospital, garden, skatepark, and beyond.

Hangin’ Founders: Pablo and Hugo  

Pablo Nic Lasso holds a BSc. in Population Health and an MSc. in Global Health. Pablo collects evidence to uncover population’s determinants of health that lie in the built environment.

Hugo Marmara holds a BA in Landscape Architecture and this year he will complete a MA in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. Hugo creates the intervention designs.  

Email: contact@hangin.org
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hangin-org/
Whatsapp:  DK:    +45 51 44 55 65
                           Mex:  +56 777  986 5165
Phone:          US:    +1 505 695 1635